"Do Good Because of Tomorrow" ~ Ghanaian Proverb

After a productive and exciting summer, I have returned to New York and would like to share some pictures of our visit to La Enobal Basic School with you! 

The students, teachers and Headmasters at La Enobal prepared a beautiful reception for the NYU group, including speeches, skits, prayers and dances. I also gave a speech to the audience at La Enobal and the NYU group performed two dances for the crowd. The laptop delivery was a huge success! 

La Enobal and I want to thank you all again for your support and for your generous donations! The three laptops will make a huge difference to the students at La Enobal. 

Here are some photos of the ceremony and the school visit. Enjoy! 


Fundraising for the Ghana Project has ended! $1,860 was raised with the help of 23 contributors and 3 brand new laptop computers have been purchased for students at La Enobal Basic School. I will travel to Ghana on June 23 - Photos coming soon!

I'm writing to let you know about the exciting three-week "Education and Diversity" program I will be joining in Ghana, Africa this summer!

What am I currently doing in New York?

I'm pursuing my M.A. in International Education at New York University and plan to graduate in December 2012. My goal is to work in international development, specifically with organizations focused on increasing access to education in developing countries.

What will I do in Ghana this summer?

I will join an NYU program focused on the Ghanaian education system, combining classes with visits to girls’ schools, vocational schools, religious schools, a school for the handicapped, and state agencies, and non-governmental organizations. While in Accra, the capital of Ghana, I will also visit La Enobal Basic School, which works closely with NYU-Accra.

La Enobal needs
laptop computers to teach technology classes, so I am raising funds to help make this a reality.
All funds donated through this initiative will be used to purchase laptop computers and accessories for La Enobal Basic School.

As Victor Yeboah, the Community Service Coordinator at NYU-Accra explains: "Technology is an integral part of the curriculum of junior high schools in Ghana, but due to limited resources most schools only teach the theories."

For more information about the NYU program, please visit this site: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/study_abroad/programs/educationanddiversity

What can you do to help?

1. Donate Now to help raise funds to buy laptops for La Enobal Basic School by clicking on the orange "Chip In" button on the widget at the beginning of this page.

Follow my website for updates and photos to learn more about Ghana, different aspects of its educational system and students at schools like La Enobal Basic School.

3. Share my website with anyone who might be interested in learning more about Ghanaian culture and education, as well as supporting La Enobal Basic School. 

How this project will help make an impact:

This project is a first step in reaching my goal of making education and technology accessible to more people all over the world. I hope this opportunity will give me insight into the needs and realities of education in Ghana and a cultural awareness that I can carry with me as I begin my career in international development.

Helping to purchase the laptops for La Enobal Basic School is a meaningful way to support and empower local students and teachers. I plan to deliver the laptops to La Enobal Basic School with a hand-written card including the names of everyone who donated, and I will post videos and pictures to share with you all!

How to donate in 4 simple steps:

1. Click on the orange ChipIn! button

2. Enter the donation amount under “Item Price:” on the left.

3. On the right, log in under “Have a PayPal account?” if you’ve used PayPal before OR click on “Don't have a PayPal account?” if you’d like to proceed as a guest.

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Meda ase! Thank you! Gracias!