Remedial Students

Peter, Brian, Howard, Ella, Jenny, Howard, Tina and Teddy say hello! 

This is a short video of the students having fun and acting out Halloween vocabulary before class. They enjoyed wearing masks and learning about 
what kids in the U.S. like to do on Halloween night. 

About a dozen or so of my 300 students were special-needs children. This included students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, as well as a few students with more serious disabilities. I spent extra time with them reviewing during class, recess and after school. Here is a short video of Jenny, one of our special-needs fourth graders: 

In these first two videos, I ask the students a few questions about English class and what they enjoyed the most during the year.

The students enjoyed games like Bingo, Hangman and Teacher Says. Here I am practicing new words with the third graders before playing a game of Teacher Says.